Don’t Even Think About Playoffs

I saw this headline today. Forget it folks. Fans, Management, and Players should be near sighted. Let’s use the BYE week to look at past mistakes and prepare for Arizona. Just remember the loss in AFC Title Game five years ago

In my 58 years of following the Eagles, that loss to the Cardinals, 32 to 25, was my greatest disappointment. I have already mentioned the big losses Arizona had during 2005. Even so, Arizona, like the Birds had won two playoff spots. The Eagles were overconfident. They were thinking about the Super Bowl and not on the games at hand.


While many predicted the Eagles to finish the season with six wins or less, the Eagles already have that total through just 11 games. Chip Kelly has his team in 1st place in the NFC East with five games to play, as they head into their week 12 bye.

The WIP Morning Show was gauging what the new expectations for the Eagles were going forward. They asked on the Audio Roadshow app, “Now that the Eagles are 6-5, what is your new goal for the team?”

The options were: Finish the season 8-8, win the division, win one playoff game, or win the Super Bowl. 48% of fans said the Eagles should look to win at least one playoff game, if not more.


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