Against the Cardinals in the 70s

Looking past games with the Cardinals at Veterans Stadium, the Philadelphia Eagles had some losses which should have been victories.


This was a battle between two mediocre teams. In the first half, Pete Liske and Harold Jackson mishandled an End Around play at the St Louis 10. The Eagles settled for a field goal. Later in the half, the Eagles drove to the Cardinal 14 yard line. Pete Liske’s pass to a wide open Steve Zabel hit the goal post. In the third quarter, the Eagles had a great long drive and were at the one yard line. Believe it or not, Liske fumbled on a quarterback keep; St. Louis took over. The 6 to 6 tie was the Eagles best showing at home in 1972. They lost the other six games and they were lopsided.


Midway in the fourth quarter, the Eagles led 23 to 7. After that, the Birds went daffy. Jim Bakken kicked a 30 yard field goal in the final play. Cardinals 24 Eagles 23.


Mike Boryla threw a 55 yard touchdown pass to Charlie Smith in the first quarter. Then offense fell asleep until midway in the fourth quarter. Dave Hampton capped a drive with a six yard touchdown. The Eagles drove again to the Cardinal 10. Then Art Malone fumbled. Cardinals 17 Eagles 14.


The Eagles drove down field to the Cardinals 30 and kicked a field goal. As per usual, they did next to nothing and trailed 21 to 3 with seven minutes left in the fourth quarter. Ron Jaworski then threw touchdown passes to Herb Lusk and Harold Carmichael. In the waning seconds, Cardinal linebacker Mike Sensibaugh intercepted. Final Cardinals 21 Eagles 17.


The Cardinals came into this game 0-7. Jaworski threw a touchdown pass to Harold Carmichael early in the game. Once again the Eagles did very little. Late in the game, Roger Wehri intercepted a pass to seal the game. Cardinals 16 Eagles 10.


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