O.J. Simpson-The Electric Company

I have talked about the Nicknames of Defensive Teams. Now it’s time to mention the offense. The offensive line of the Buffalo Bills became the Electric Company. They turned on the Juice, which was O.J. Simpson’s Nick Name. Their names were as listed below:

Joe DeLamielleure-Guard
Reggie McKenzie-Guard
Paul Seymour-Tackle
Dave Foley-Tackle
Mike Montler-Tackle

Some of the names are in the Hall of Fame in Canton. Regardless of how good a runner is, he cannot succeed without a great support, Tackle to Tackle. The major drawback on O. J.’s nine years at Buffalo was that there were only three winning seasons and one playoff appearance.

That was in the first round in 1974 at Pittsburgh against the Steelers. The Bills lost to the Steelers by 32 to 14. The game was never close but there was one play that changed the momentum. Early in the second quarter, the Steelers scored a touchdown for a 9 to 7 lead. The lead was moving back and forth up to that time.

In the first quarter, the Steelers Roy Gerala kicked a field goal for a 3 to 0 lead. Then Joe Ferguson threw a touchdown pass to Paul Seymour for a 7 to 3 score after the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Terry Bradshaw threw a touchdown pass to Rocky Bleir. The Steelers led 9 to 7. The second play after the kickoff, Jim Braxton ran 28 yards, fumbled, and J. T. Thomas recovered for Pittsburgh. The Bills fell apart after that play. Final Steelers 32 Buffalo 14.


Tommorow December 22-Philadelphia

All bad news out of Washington, DC. The Cowboys came from behind to defeat the Redskins 24 to 23. I was feeling really good when the score was 23 to 14 for DC, early in the fourth quarter. DeMarco Murray lost 10 yards a third and goal from the Dallas one. However, Tony Romo threw the winning touchdown pass on the next play. Washington just did not cover on short yardage. I hope Philadelphia will rest the players to night. Winning against the Chicago Bears is almost meaningless.

New York Giants-Only 9-7; But A Super Bowl Victory

In 2007, the New York Giants, at 10-6, became the Super Bowl Champion with the worst regular season. On the road to and in Super Bowl Championship they defeated four teams they lost to during the regular season. That is the Dallas Cowboys twice, the Green Bay Packers, and the New England Patriots.

In 2011, the New York Giants, at 9-7, won the Super Bowl Championship with the worst regular season ever. They broke their own record set four years earlier. During the regular season and in the Super Bowl, the Giants defeated the New Patriots. (24 to 20 during the season at Foxboro and 21 to 17 in the Super Bowl). That was their only victory over a playoff team in 2011. The others:

at Green Bay in both games. Lost to the Packers during the regular season, 38 to 35. Won in the Playoffs 37 to 20.
at San Francisco in both games. Lost to the 49ers during the regular season, 27 to 20. Won in the Playoffs 20 to 17..

In both seasons, Tom Coughlin’s job was on the line. And he wound up as the Super Bowl Champion.

Los Angeles Rams 1979 Worst Season But A Super Bowl

From 1973 to 1978, the Los Angeles Rams had some of the best teams in the NFL. They never made it to the Super Bowl, often losing to teams they defeated during the year. Chuck Knox coached the team from 1973 to 1977. Ray Malavasi became the Coach in 1978. This is what their regular seasons looked like.

1973-W 12 L 2
1974-W 10 L 4
1975-W 12 L 4
1976-W 10 L 4 T 1
1977-W 10 L 4
1978-W 12 L4

In 1978, they beat the Dallas Cowboys during the season 27 to 14. In a real reverse, the Cowboys shut them out 28 to 0 in the NFC Title game. In 1979, after 11 games the Rams were 5-6. Fans were angry and there was no doubt that Ray Malavasi would not be around in 1980. After Week 11, LA caught fire, won four in a row, and cliched first place in the Western Division. The loss to the New Orleans Saints in the final week was in effect an “exhibition game.”

During the season, the Rams defeated only one playoff team, a 13 to 9 game at Denver. They lost at Tampa Bay 21 to 6 and at Dallas 30 to 6. There were two different stories in the playoffs. As during the season the games were away. Late in first game, Vince Ferragamo threw a 50 yard pass to Billy Waddy and the Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cowboys 21 to 19. With a great defense the following week, the Rams shut out the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with three field goals. Final Rams 9 Tampa Bay Bucs 0.

On to the the Super Bowl.

1940 Chicago vs. Washington-What a Contrast

The Chicago Bears came to Washington, DC twice in 1940. In week 8 of this 11 game season, the Redskins won in a tight tense game 7 to 3. All of the scoring was in the first half. For the season, Washington was 9-2 one game better than the 8-3 Bears. The NFL Title game was beyond anything predicted. Newsmen said it was going to be a match up between two great Quarterbacks, Sid Luckman for the Bears and Sammy Baugh for the Redskins.

The Redskins were favored with home field advantage, a better record for the year, and the victory during the season. Chicago stunned the sports world with a 73 to 0 victory. Here were the vitals by category.

Rushing-The Bears ran for 381 yards and one touchdown. Bill Osmanski carried 10 times for 109 yards and that touchdown. Washington rushed for five yards. That is not a misprint.

Passing-Sid Luckman completed seven of ten passes for 131 yards and a touchdown. Sammy Baugh and Frank Filchock completed 20 passes of 51 passes for 236 yards and nine interceptions.

Defense-As stated, the Bears intercepted nine passes for just over 100 yards in returns and three interceptions.

Each team had 16 first downs.

Philadelphia Eagles Dynasty

One of the reasons for the passion of Eagles fans, as previously stated, is that the team has no dynasty in the television era. That place in the sun, even in December, came for three consecutive years in the late forties.

1947…Philadelphia tied the Pittsburgh Steelers for first in the Eastern Conference with a 8-4 record. In the conference playoff at Forbes Field, the Eagles shut out Pittsburgh 21 to 0. At Cominskey Park, the Chicago Cardinals defeated the Eagles 28 to 21. Losing the Championship 7Ggame hurt Philadelphia but there was the groundwork for the next two years.

1948…Philadelphia won the Eastern Conference with a 9-2-1 record. In a blizzard at Shibe Park, the Eagles defeated this time defeated the Cardinals 7 to 0. Steve Van Buren took the trolley that day going to work.

1949…Philadelphia improved again this time to an 11-1 record. This game at Cominsky Park was another shutout. The Eagles won 14 to 0.

The first game of the 1950 season.

Cleveland Browns came into the National Football League from the All America Conference. This league folded after the 1949 season. On the first weekend of 1950 season Cleveland played the Eagles at Shibe Park. The feeling was that Philadelphia, at home, would easily defeat Cleveland. The Browns won 35 to 10. The Philadelphia Eagles had a Dynasty for three seasons.

The Eagles are not Taking the Vikings Lightly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — After making the playoffs in 2012, the Minnesota Vikings are stumbling through a 3-9-1 season. That doesn’t mean the Eagles are taking Sunday’s game for granted.

It what appears to be a classic NFL ‘trap” game, the surging Eagles are favored to win their sixth game in a row on Sunday in Minnesota. Despite their record, the Vikings have remained competitive throughout much of the season and Eagles Linebacker DeMeco Ryans says the players aren’t taking the Vikings lightly.

“We’ve watched the film,” said Ryans. “We see these guys work. The way they play ball, they play really hard. It’s not like they’re getting blown out of games. They’ve been in the games they’ve played in. It’s not going to be an easy game.”

The health of the Vikings running backs would make it even easier for the Eagles to look past this game. Star Running Back Adrian Peterson is questionable with a foot injury and his backup, Toby Gerhart, it also battling an injury. It won’t change the approach of defensive players such as Cornerback Cary Williams.

“We’re going to practice the same way we always practice,” Williams said. “Whoever steps out there in the purple and gold is whoever we play. We’re going to go out there and play the best Eagles football we possibly can.”

This will be the first game the Eagles will play in a dome this season. Despite Minnesota’s record, the Vikings have played in front of one of the loudest crowds in the league over the past few decades. However, Linebacker Mychal Kendricks says the Eagles music-filled practices have likely helped them deal with hostile crowds on the road.

“It has to,” said Kendricks. “I don’t know the difference because I’m always out there practicing with the noise. I don’t even notice.”

A win would keep the Eagles in sole possession of first place in the NFC East. It is a far cry from last season, when the Eagles were spiraling towards a 4-12 finish. However, Tight End Brent Celek says now it not the time to reflect on the team’s progress.

“We’ve still got a long way to go,” Celek said. “I don’t want to give us much credit right now because we haven’t accomplished anything. We’ve still got a lot to to, and we’ve got to focus on Minnesota this week.”

Linebacker Najee Goode was the only Eagle unable to practice Wednesday because of a hamstring injury. Safety Earl Wolff saw limited action in practice as he continues to recover from a knee injury.