Winning Over the Cardinals 24 to 21

We are all excited and enthusiastic over the Eagles’ play during the past four weeks; yet the fans know that winning is simply not enough. This team must be nearsighted and not look past the next game. Four years ago I stated that there were sore spots during that marvelous six game winning streak.

In 2009 we all knew the team was committing too many mistakes in just about every area. Close wins should have been much easier. The Eagles had to play the first string the entire game. This deprived the starting players of some much needed rest and ran the risk of injury. Why not give the reserves a chance?. They want badly to play and their experience will be invaluable in the future.

Yesterday’s game basically rested on two plays, both in the last quarter. The holding penalty nullified DeSean Jackson’s 58 yard touchdown return on a punt. At the end of the game, the Eagles held the Cardinals on downs-this of course was on the Cards 15 yard line. It was just inside of two minutes left in the game.

The Eagles gained nothing on the first two downs. On the brighter side, Arizona had burned all of their timeouts. Chip Kelly and company were debating on whether to kick a field goal or try running on third down. A field goal meant a 27 to 21 game with Eagles kicking off. Luckily the officials flagged the Cardinals for defensive holding. You could say that outcome rested on on two plays.

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