Detroit Lions 1979-Best and Worst Game

The Detroit Lions in 1979 were simply awful. They played their best game in the 13th Week of the Season. It was their traditional Thanksgiving Game, this time versus the Chicago Bears. Their worst was at Veterans Stadium one week later.

Week 13 vs the Chicago Bears. Bears came in at 6-5 to a dreadful 1-11 for the Lions. The Lion defense held Walter Payton to just 54 yards on the ground. Both Bob Avellini and Mike Phipps were sloppy at quarterback. The Lion defense sacked them in total five times for 39 yards in losses. Jeff Komlo for the Lions completed 16 passes for 244 yards and a touchdown. In those days, when a team stopped Walter Payton, the Bears always lost. For all their bad play in 1979, the Detroit Lions recorded a shut out on National Television. Final Lions 16 Bears 0. The Bears won their final four games, finished at 10-6, and made the playoffs. Detroit Lions were 2-14.

Week 14 at Philadelphia. The 2-11 Lions played the 9-4 Eagles, much to the delight of Philadelphia fans. Ron Jaworski completed 16 of 26 passes for 233 yards and two touchdowns. Two guys that played only few years for the Eagles had great efforts. Billy Campfield ran a kickoff 90 yards for an Eagle touchdown. Reserve Linebacker Al Chesley returned an interception 32 yards to set up another score. Wilbert Montgomery carried 22 times for 180 yards and one touchdown. Harold Carmichael caught five passes for 96 yards and two touchdowns. The Eagles gained 384 total yards. Final Eagles 44 Lions 7.


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