Yesterday’s Win Should Give the Eagles Great Confidence

After not doing much for three quarters, the Eagles offense made some great adjustments. I saw Wilbert Montgomery break Steve Van Buren’s record of the most yards gained running in Eagle history. It was in the second week of the 1984 season at Veterans Stadium against the Minnesota Vikings. Ron Jaworski threw a one yard touchdown pass to John Spagnola with two seconds left on the clock. The Eagles won 19 to 17. Now on Sunday came Shady McCoy breaking Van Buren’s record for yards gained in a single game. This game showed that the Philadelphia Eagles do have the ability to come back late in a game. All that was great. Nevertheless, I prefer victories like the win over Oakland.
——————————————————————————————————————————But all is not well. Lion Jeremy Ross ran both a punt and kickoff return for a touchdown. The Philadelphia Eagles cannot perform this way on special teams and expect to win. The Eagles in a sense were real lucky. Then too the there cannot be a letdown, which sometimes happens after a tense victory.

Three years ago, the Eagles made history with four touchdowns in the last seven and a half minutes to defeat the New York Giants 38 to 31. The following week the Eagles were lifeless and lost to the Minnesota Vikings 24 to 14. That loss hurt the Eagles chances in the playoffs. As timed by fate, Philadelphia, on the road will play The Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. Three years ago, the Eagles were better than the Vikings but lost because they were not focused. Let’s do better this time.


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