Philadelphia Eagles Dynasty

One of the reasons for the passion of Eagles fans, as previously stated, is that the team has no dynasty in the television era. That place in the sun, even in December, came for three consecutive years in the late forties.

1947…Philadelphia tied the Pittsburgh Steelers for first in the Eastern Conference with a 8-4 record. In the conference playoff at Forbes Field, the Eagles shut out Pittsburgh 21 to 0. At Cominskey Park, the Chicago Cardinals defeated the Eagles 28 to 21. Losing the Championship 7Ggame hurt Philadelphia but there was the groundwork for the next two years.

1948…Philadelphia won the Eastern Conference with a 9-2-1 record. In a blizzard at Shibe Park, the Eagles defeated this time defeated the Cardinals 7 to 0. Steve Van Buren took the trolley that day going to work.

1949…Philadelphia improved again this time to an 11-1 record. This game at Cominsky Park was another shutout. The Eagles won 14 to 0.

The first game of the 1950 season.

Cleveland Browns came into the National Football League from the All America Conference. This league folded after the 1949 season. On the first weekend of 1950 season Cleveland played the Eagles at Shibe Park. The feeling was that Philadelphia, at home, would easily defeat Cleveland. The Browns won 35 to 10. The Philadelphia Eagles had a Dynasty for three seasons.


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