Eagles Defeat Cowboys 24 to 22-But There are Problems

Both media and fans at one time judged a good defense if it held the opposition to two touchdowns or 14 points per game. Now with all the rule changes favoring the offense, analysts use 21 points or less. I consider the 22 points an all right day. There were only two plays, one offensive and one defensive, that kept Philadelphia from getting a much easier victory.

Buy far the biggest play of the two was the Cowboys holding on 4th and less than a foot away from their End Zone. Add to this was a completion which pulled the Cowboys away from danger. Both the offense and the defense messed up in this time frame. The next misfire had Kyle Orton throwing a 30 yard touchdown pass to Dez Bryant, on fourth and nine. Things got jittery to say the least.

The other area of concern was the pass rush on both sides of the line. Nick Foles was under tremendous pressure the entire night. The Cowboys sacked him five times for 34 yards in losses. Hurries lasted all night and this forced Foles to continually move out of the pocket. Not one time did Eagles get to Kyle Orton. He performed well especially considering his limited playing in 2013. Having said this, the Philadelphia defensive line made things easy for Orton.

Now come the playoffs. The Philadelphia Eagles will be playing against an opponent, the New Orleans Saints, much better than anything they faced during the season. They have got to make the big plays, keep pressure on the Quarterback, and protect Nick Foles. All of the things that were missing on Sunday Night.


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