Malcom Floyd Brings Out the Best

When a football player gets in trouble, some bonehead says how bad it is because they are role models for young people. There are not now, nor were, nor will there ever be role models. Each person has to set their goals. Your best friend is the one can help you chart your own course in life. No one should ever seek to mimic another. Try this and your life will not be your own. Many people claim that defining their goals is too much trouble. The pressures of daily living and struggling with the family budget makes this sort of self analysis impossible. I can appreciate this idea. Just do not rely on others to do it for you.

Having said this, there are moments when a better side of the players and the game itself becomes evident. Malcolm Floyd from the San Diego Chargers sustained injuries at Lincoln Financial Field this past year. He required a stretcher to get off the field. Immediately after the injury, players from both teams gathered around Floyd with words of encouragement and concern. Some Eagles and Charges even had tears rolling down their faces.

Each player realized that he might be injured next. The players showed their deep camaraderie which transcends the team and the final score. Leading by example, as both the Chargers and Eagles did in that game, makes a deep impression on young people. It is far better than lengthy lectures from parents and teachers.

Bottom Line-Caring and Compassion for others is in your own self-interest.

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