Chip Kelly vs George Allen in the First Year at Washington

After the death of Vince Lombardi, Bill Austin coached the Redskins to a 6-8 record in 1970. This was a two game drop from the 7-5-1 effort in 1969. Washington then got George Allen from the Los Angeles Rams. In his five season with Los Angeles, Allen had a great record but lost two playoff games. He brought in some veteran players from other teams such as Ron McDole, Billy Kilmer, Myron Pottios, and Jack Pardee. Sports writers called Washington “The Over the Hill Gang.’

In 1971, the Redskins won their first five games but staggered to 4-4-1 thereafter. Washington lost in the playoffs at San Francisco to the 49ers 24 to 20. Washington in 1971 was 2 1/2 games better than the previous year. This was not as good as Chip Kelly; but Allen started from a much better position.


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