Don Shula at the Baltimore Colts in 1963

At Baltimore in 1963 for Don Shula.

After winning the NFL Championship in 1958 and 1959, the Colts became an average ball club over the next three years. Eight games into 1960, the Colts stood at 6-2. They proceeded to lose their last four games and finished at .500. Baltimore was only an average team until…

Don Shula came to Baltimore in 1963. In that year, the Colts improved to 8-6. This was only one game better than 1963. The pattern for new and successful coaches appeared again. The Baltimore Colts defeated mediocre teams in Shula’s first year but were losers against the better ones as follows.

Lost to the New York Giants at home 37 to 28. The Giants were 11-3 and Eastern Conference Champions for the third consecutive year.

Lost Both Games to the Chicago Bears…at Chicago 10 to 3 and on the road 17 to 7. The Bears at home defeated the New York Giants in the NFL Championship Game 14 to 10. Chicago’s record in 1963 was 11-1-2.

Lost Both Games to the Green Bay Packers…at Green Bay 30 to 21 and at home 34 to 20. Green Bay was second in the Western Conference at 11-2-1.

In 1963, Don Shula began the trend that made Baltimore a great team once again.


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