Don Shula in 1970-First Year as Coach of the Dolphins

The Baltimore Colts fired Don Shula after the 1969 season. Just exactly why the ownership did this was a mystery. From 1964 to 1968, Shula was on a par with Vince Lombardi. Miami eagerly sighed Shula prior to 1970 season. Since their inception in 1966, the Dolphins never had a .500 record. 1969 was really bad at 3-10-1. In 1970, the Miami Dolphins were 10-4, or a six and a half game improvement. The next year would began the Dynasty of three consecutive Super Bowls:

The Miami Dolphins:
lost 24 to 3 to Dallas in 1971,
won 14 to 7 over Washington in 1972, and
won 24 to 7 over Minnesota in 1973.

1970 Season Recap

–The Raiders won four of their first five games; the biggest win was 20 to 13 at home to the Perennial Powerhouse Oakland Raiders 20 to 13. Raider Issac Curtis intercepted two passes.

–After the 4-1 start, the Dolphins had a three game night mare. Just how this happened is a mystery to their management and fans. At least we can say this. The Dolphins crammed their sloppy play into a three week period. I have mentioned this before in minute detail so here is a quick summary.

Week 6. Cleveland Browns at home. Browns 28 Miami 0. Browns record in 1970 was 7-7.
Week 7. At Baltimore. Colts 35 Miami 0. Colts record in 1970 was 11-2-1. Baltimore won the Super Bowl against the Dallas Cowboys by a 16 to 13 score.
Week 8 At Philadelphia. Eagles 24 Dolphins 17. Eagles led 24 to 0 after three quarters and withstood a fourth quarter rally. Philadelphia finished at 3-10-1.

The Miami Dolphins did not score at all in 11 consecutive quarters. The Dolphins corrected the problems and won six in a row after this three week drought to finish at 10-4. By far the biggest win in that span was 34 to 17 at Baltimore. The Miami Dolphins finished at 10-4 and were the Wild Card of the AFC. They lost to the Oakland Raiders in the first round 21 to 14. As often happens, they had defeated the Raiders during the season 20 to 13 .


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