Los Angeles Rams 1959 and 1962

The first signature  team in the NFL was the Los Angeles Rams. They has some great players all on offense.

–Woody Strode-Later he was a great western film star mostly with legendary director John Ford;

–Bob Waty

In 1959, the team took a vertical drop and had losing seasons until George Allen came in 1966. Here were the lone bright spots in the two worst years.

1959. The Rams were 2-10 with both victories on the road. The second week saw them defeat the Chicago Bears; the following week they destroyed the Green Bay Packers. In this Vince Lombardi’s first year the Packers were 7-5.

For the Rams, Bill Wade completed 16 of 21 passes for 206 yards and three touchdowns. Two touchdown went to Del Sofner and one to Red Phillips. Ollie Matson carried 20 times for 121 yards and a 49 of the yards were on a touchdown run. Final Rams 45 and Packers 6. Vince Lombardi was really asking for patience after this loss.

1962 The Rams were 1-12-1 with the victory coming at San Francisco. The 49ers were 6-8. For the Rams, Zeke Bratkowski completed 10 of 17 passes for 244 yards. Dick Bass carried 24 times for 95 yards. Lyndon Crow returned an interception 65 yards for a touchdown. Rams 28 49ers 14. The Rams front office fired Bob Waterfield as head coach at mid-season replacing him with Harland Svare.



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