Philadelphia 54 Bears 11

Like all of the lopsided wins for the Eagles, the above game was a delight. I have seen the highlights on You Tube. It was a games of class and pride. Nevertheless, the Chicago Bears may have underestimated the Eagles effort. By the time they figured out they were wrong, it was to late to gear up.

To show again:

Philadelphia’s record after 14 games was 8-6, one full game over the Cowboys who were 7-7. Had the Cowboys lost earlier that day and the Eagles won, Philadelphia would have clinched first place in the AFC East. The Eagles at 9-6 would have been two games better than the 7-7 Cowboys with one game left. However,

Dallas did win for 8-7 record. Had the Eagles lost their record would have been 8-7 setting things up for the final and deciding game. With the win they 9-6, one game ahead of the Cowboys. An Eagles loss to Dallas would result in a 9-7 for both teams but with Dallas having the tie breaker.

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