Cardinals Have No Dynasty 63-64

One of the problem in getting folks to root for the Arizona Cardinals is that there is no dynasty that fans can refer to. The teams played very close but have let one game get away or had a series of games with a few losses.

1963-The St Louis Cardinals were 8-3 after 11 games and really controlled their own fate; however, they lost two of those last three games.

Week 12-lost 24 to 10 to the Cleveland Browns at home.
Week 14-lost 28 to 24 to the Dallas Cowboys at home.

The New York Giants won the Eastern Conference title with an 11-3 record. The Cardinals finished third at 9-5.

1964-This was one of the Cardinals’ finest seasons at 9-3-2. They finished second only a half a game short of the first place Cleveland Browns. Oddly enough, St. Louis bettered the Browns in the home and away series. In week four the two teams played to a 33 to 33 tie in Cleveland. In December, St. Louis won over the Browns 28 to 19. The great sign-in this victory the Cardinals held the Browns without a touchdown until the last 30 seconds of the game.

What cost the Cardinals was a six game span after a 3-0-1 start. As noted, the Cardinals won the 1964 series against the Browns with a tie and win. However, the Cardinals played poorly against the last place New York Giants. A good team has to beat the bad teams to win a title. Here were the low points in four games in that time frame.

Week 5-lost at home to the Baltimore Colts 47 to 27. Baltimore won Western Conference title with a 12-2 record.
Week 7-lost at home to the Dallas Cowboys 31 to 13. The Cowboys finished at 5-8-1.
Week 8-lost at Yankee Stadium to the New York Giants 34 to 17. For one game, Y.A Title returned to his form in 1962 and 1963. The Giants in 1964 fell to last place with a 2-10-2 record.
Week 10-Playing in the mud with a constant rain, the Cardinals and Giants played to a 10 all tie.

The St Louis lost the season series to the New York Giants; and from that missed out on the Eastern Conference Title.


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