Tampa Bays Finally Win After 26 Duds-1977

After 14 weeks in 1977 season, Tampa Bay was still 0 and 14. That meant the Buccaneers, counting 1976, had lost 26 consecutive games. Using defense, John Mckay’s teams won their final two games.

Week 13. At New Orleans

The Buccaneers overcame 100 yards in penalties for an easy 33 to 14 win. The Bucs were so dominating that they led 26 to 0 with 10 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. Archie Manning threw six interceptions, two of which were run across for touchdowns. The touchdowns-Rich Wood ran for 36 yards and Mike Washington ran for 10 yards. Greg Jones recovered a fumble in the Saints’ End Zone. Tamps Bay recorded six sacks for 36 yards When any team scores three defensive touchdowns and terrorizes the other guy’s Quarterback, losing is almost impossible. Final Tampa Bay 33 Saints 14.

Week 14. At home vs. St Louis.

The Cards had a 7-3 record after 10 games. A hunter must have shot a group of Red Birds since they lost their final four games. Once thinking about a Super Bowl, St Louis came in struggling at .500. The Buccaneers got four turnovers. Each side showed one receiving performance. The Buccaneers-. Morris Owens caught four passes for 138 yards and one touchdown. Cardinals-Ike Harris caught six passes for 96 yards.


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