Buffalo Bills in 1968-O.J. Simpson

The Philadelphia Eagles record in 1968 was 2-12, one half game better than the 1-12-1 Bills. Buffalo’s only victory was a 37 to 35 thriller over the New York Jets at home. The Jets would become the Super Bowl champions. NY’s record in 1968 was 11-3. Defeating the Jets was a big accomplishment.

Joe Namath threw four touchdown passes. Between Don Maynard and George Sauer there were 10 catchers for 227 yards and two touchdowns. Matt Snell carried 12 times for 124 yards. The Jets outgained the Bills in total yardage 427 to 197.

But Namath threw a four interceptions and that was the difference. The plays were:

Butch Byrd intercepted two passes for 53 yards and one touchdown;
Booker Edgerson intercepted one pass for 45 yards and a touchdown;
Tom Janik intercepted a pass for 137 yards and a touchdown.

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