Hotel Du Pont-Wilmington, DE

In Philadelphia it was the Bellevue-Stratford; in Baltimore it was the Belvedere; and in Wilmington, De it was and still is the DuPont. The DuPont Hotel has outlasted the previous two. The finest hotel is the Philadelphia Area is not only outside of the city but also the outside of the state. According to the rail service, you can look at Wilmington in two ways

–the last stop on SETPA’S suburban line. It makes what seems like 50 stops between Wilmington and 30th Street Station barely working up a sweat;
–an Amtrak stop north to Boston and South to Florida;
–an every other stop on the Metroliner between New York and Washington; if a Metroliner stops at Wilmington, it will not stop in Trenton and reverse.

The hotel is just a few blocks from the Amtrak station. The DuPont does not have the beautiful Victorian architecture of the Bellevue Stratford or the Belvedere on the outside. It is plain and nondescript. Inside though you find a beautiful hotel Lobby with all the trimmings; it is elegant but not stiff. Despite the big problems of Wilmington, the hotel remains intact.

Inside you will find.

–J. E. Caldwell. This is the place with the beautiful glassware. You could easily spend an hour deciding what to buy. There are of course no bargains. One ominous sign. On Saturdays the door is locked. The staff has to be concerned about who they let in. The Caldwell store is just inside of the east entrance of the hotel and away from the lobby.

–The Lobby Lounge. This open area has a piano, big sofas, and wing back chairs. There are two English teas, regular and high, and scones around 2:30 seven days a week. Light meals are available but not the full menu from the Green Room. People might get the food all over the carpet. Just expect sandwiches, light snacks, and full cocktail service. I was never a pizza fan but their thin crust pan size version with Brie and vegetables was excellent. The pianist here provides some good relaxing music.

–The Green Room. From the four state area, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland, the Sunday brunch is well known and attended. This restaurant had a menu with no surprises but with wonderful entrees and attentive service. There are tapestries adorning the walls. I always reserved a table by the window and the music from the harp was beautifully flowing.

–The Green Room Bar. Just outside of the Green Room, this cozy area seems busy continually. It serves as a waiting area for cocktails prior to dinner in the Green Room. It also serves lunch and light dinner. Once the hotel closed the Brandywine Room, they served more food at this place.

The DuPont also has a Playhouse and they get some well known stars. Throughout the Lobby, there are numerous prints from Andrew Wyeth and Howard Pyle.

Having dinner and staying at the DuPont is a wonderful experience.


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