1964 Packers-Missed Field Goal and X-P

Paul Hornung  came back to Green Bay  from a one year suspension in  1964.  Hornung’s runs, catches, and blocks were intact.  However, his missed field goals and extra points cost the Packers a first place finish.  They finished in  second place tied  with the Minnesota Vikings  at 8-5-1.  Here are the missed chances.  The Baltimore Colts were first place at 12-2.

Game 1 at home vs. the Baltimore Colts.  A miss extra point meant that a  21 to 20 loss should have been a tie.   Change in  record from 8-5-1 to 8-4-2. Baltimore would go from 12-2 to 11-2-1.

Game 4 at home vs the Minnesota Vikings.  A missed export in a 24 to 23 loss. Green Bay goes from 8-4-2 to 8-3-3.

Game 6 at Baltimore.  Hornung missed five field goals in a 24 to 21 loss.  This should have been a 36 to 21 win; this was  the biggest loss of the season.  Green  Bay goes from 8-3-3 to 9-2-3.  The Colts go from 11-2-1 to 10-3-1.

Game 7 Los Angeles Rams at home.  This was a 27 to 17 loss to the Rams, clearly the better team.

Game 9 at San Francisco 49ers loss 24 to 14.  Hornung missed four field goals but let’s leave this one alone.

Game 14 at the Los Angeles Rams. A 24 all tie.   PH missed three field goals.  This should have been an easy victory.  The Packers go from 9-2-3 to 10-2-2.

The missed meant that the Green Bay Packers should have finished first at 10-2-2 to 10-3-1 for the second place Colts.


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