Barry Goldwater’s Summary of Ronald Reagen

Ronald Reagen was never a Conservative… I don’t think he ever thought anything through.

If I were President, this nation would never have gone $4 Trillion Dollars in debt.

On the Reagen Festivities in 1981 Inauguration.

I have seen seven of them. When you gotta pay $2,000 for a limousine for four days, seven dollars to park, and $2.50 to check your coat, at a time when most people in this country can’t hack it, that’s ostentatious.

Reagen is the Will Rogers of Intelligence. He never met a covert operation he did not like.

There’s allot of things that happened under Reagen that the future years are going to turn up that will not hold him in the great position he now occupies.   I think we all know that.



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