Patriots vs Bills 2003

This was the oddest turnabout I ever saw. The Buffalo Bills at home defeated the New England Patriots 31 to 0 on the first week. In week 17, the New England Patriots at home defeated the Buffalo Bills 31 to 0. New England fished 14-2 andwent on to win the Super Bowl. The Bills finished at 6-10.

Week 1

Following the release of Lawyer Milloy the Patriots met the Bills in Buffalo, and Milloy was there after signing a deal with the Bills. Drew Bledsoe threw for one touchdown while Tom Brady was picked off four times; in the second quarter defensive lineman Sam Adams (whose namesake father played for the Patriots alongside John Hannah) ran an interception for a 37-yard touchdown; a still from Adams’ run was used for the cover of Sports Illustrated. Brady was also sacked twice, once by Milloy, in a 31–0 Bills rout. This would be the last time the Patriots would post a sub-500 record until 145 games later, when they were 1–2 after their first three games of the 2012 season. This is also their most recent regular season opening loss entering 2014 as the team started 0–1.

Week 17.

The regular season finale saw the Patriots hosting the same Bills that blanked them 31–0 in September. Revenge drove the Patriots as Tom Brady threw four touchdowns, all in the first half, and despite an ugly hit in the legs by Lawyer Milloy in the second quarter. Adam Vinatieri missed a third-quarter field goal but connected from 24 yards out in the fourth. Drew Bledsoe never got untracked and was pulled in the fourth quarter for Travis Brown, who got to the Patriots redzone at the end of the fourth quarter but was intercepted in the endzone by Larry Izzo. The Patriots’ 31–0 win bookended the season.


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