Not Specialists in the NCAA

We old-timers remember Fred Cox and Sam Baker as placekickers and punters in the NFL. In college, they were both running backs who also handled all kicking chores. I never understood why their coaches never used them as running backs.

Sam Baker from Oregon State played 18 years for Washington, Cleveland, Dallas, and the Eagles; 1951 to 1969. In the pros Baker made 179 of 316 field goal attempts for 56.6%; 428 of 444 extra points for 96.4 %, and punted 703 times for 29,938 yards; the only year he carried the ball was in 1956 for the Redskins; Baker carried 25 times for 117 yards, one touchdown, and a whopping 9.8 yards per carry.

At Oregon State from 1949 to 1951. Sam Baker carried 487 times for 1,947 yards, scored five touchdowns, and had five games of over 100 yards rushing.

Fred Cox from Pittsburgh played 17 years 1963 to 1978 with the Minnesota Vikings. He kicked 282 of the 455 field goal attempts for 62.9%; kicked 519 of 539 extra point attempts for a 96.0%. He never played running back in the pros.

at The University of Pittsburgh from 1959 to 1961. Cox carried 175 times for 861 yards, a 4.9 average, and two touchdowns; caught 31 passes for 437 yards and three touchdowns.


Schmidt’s Light Beer vs Anheuser Busch Natural

C Schmidt’s and Sons no doubt extended their existence by brewing Schmidt’s Light beginning in 1980. Theirs was a novel approach. One man was before the screen talking just as if another person, in this case you, were ready to order. He was drinking Schmidt’s Light and just heard you want Anhueser-Bush Natural Light.

The ‘Star’ of this commercial says “taste your beer”. You take his glass and which looks half empty agree with his assessment that it tastes good. {The law prohibits showing on television or billboards the consumption of any alcoholic beverage.} Offering you his glass, he says says “Now taste Schmidt’s Light.” You taste it and evidently think it is really fine. “Hey Great,” he says. “Now read the labels.” He reads and says “Schmidt’s Light 95 calories, Natural Light 110. “Why pay for 15% more calories you don’t want anyway when you can be drinking great tasting “Schmidt’s Light.

The punch line is…”Schmidt’s Light. The proof is in the bottle and on it.”