1983 Eagles and 2012 Eagles

The Eagles of 1983 were like the 2012 Eagles in both style and timing. Marion Campbell was in first year of being head coach and Andy Reid was in his last. In 1983 the Eagles were 4-2 at the beginning but won only one game thereafter. In the 5-11 season, three of the wins were against playoff teams.

GAME ONE AT SAN FRANCISCO (22 to 17) The 49ers were 10-6 and lost the NFC Championship to the Washington Redskins 24 to 21. The Eagles survived four sacks for 15 yards. Ron Jaworski left the game injured and Joe Pisarck replaced him. The combo completed 15 of 19 passes for 186 yards and one touchdown, that being to Hubie Oliver. Anthony Griggs had one interception and ran the ball for 32 yards. Mike Quick caught six passes for 82 yards. Roynell Young recovered a fumble from Roger Craig in the Eagles End Zone preserving the victory.

GAME THREE AT DENVER (13 TO 10) The Broncos were 9-7 and lost the AFC Wild Card Game to Seattle 31 to 7. The Eagles defense sacked John Elway three times for 32 yards. Ron Jaworski threw a 38 yard touchdown pass to Mike Quick on the game’s first possession. Late in the game, Jaws to Quick went for 35 yards setting up the winning field goal. Anthony Griggs returned his pass interception 11 yards. In total, Ron Jaworski completed 18 of 28 passes for 248 yards and one touchdown. Quick caught six passes for 248 yards and that touchdown.

GAME 11 AT PHILADELPHIA VS. LOS ANGELES (13 TO 9). The Rams were 9-7 and, at Dallas, defeated the Cowboys 24 to 17 in the Wild Card Game. One week later, the Washington Redskins destroyed them 51 to 7.

This was a great defensive battle. Eric Dickerson carried 28 times for 103 yards. Mike Quick caught seven passes for 69 yards. This game was passing duel between Ron Jaworski and Vince Ferragomo.

With five minutes remaining in the game; the scored was tied at six; the Rams had the ball at the Eagles 10; third and 1/2 yard to go. As fully expected, Ferragomo gave the ball to Dickerson. Wes Hopkins and Ray Ellis slammed Dickerson for no gain. After kicking a field goal for a 9 to 6 lead, the Los Angeles kicked off. The Eagles had the ball at their 30 and started great long drive. Jaworski threw for 29 yards to Tony Woofruff for a touchdown. The seven game losing streak was over.


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