The Jefferson Hotel-Richmond

This Grand Hotel, unlike those in Philadelphia, Baltimore, or Wilmington, is two miles from the central business and cultural area, just off Route 1. The advantage from this small distance is that parking is very easy. The Jefferson Hotel is within walking distance of two major sites, the Virgina Museum of Fine Arts and the Virginia Science Center. The science center is the one time Pennsylvania Railroad Broad Street Station

The Jefferson Hotel is on two levels. The smaller upper level has the check in counter and a beautiful marble statue of Thomas Jefferson facing the entrance. At Jefferson’s left side is the main restaurant, Le Maire. Edward Valentine sculptured Thomas Jefferson from marble in 1895. The statue itself stands six feet two inches, TJs actual height, on a five foot pedestal. Jefferson, of course, loved French cuisine and right off bat he wants to dine at his restaurant. Jefferson served haute French dinners in the White House and at Monticello. The break with tradition is that now you are paying.

The staircase at Jefferson’s right is the model used in Gone With the Wind. I always felt dignified just walking down these stairs. They lead to a spacious lower lobby. There are tables and sofas where customers can have cocktails and light fare. Every day there is afternoon tea, with three price levels. The lobby also has an extra long bar on the north side. I can’t speak for the restaurant but this lobby had everything right, with tasty scones, four varieties of tea, substantial cocktails, and good cold draft beer.

The Jefferson Hotel, on both levels, also has some beautiful pictures of prominent Virginians, Revolutionary and Civil War battles in Virginia, and the state’s beautiful countryside.

The Jefferson Hotel is a must see in Richmond.

Green Bay Packers Fall in 68-Still Defeated Dallas

We old folks remember the Green Bay Packers defeating the Dallas Cowboys in successive NFL Championship Games, 1966 and 1967. In 1966, Green Bay, at their five yard line, held Dallas on downs; 67 was the Ice Bowl with the Packers scoring with 15 seconds remaining. Final Green Bay 21 Dallas 17. Vince Lombardi left coaching in 1968. Many fans believe that he saw the end of the Green Bay Dynasty-and he was correct. Their recored in 1968 was 6-7-1.

Even so, Green Bay defeated the Dallas Cowboys 28 to 17 on a Monday Night in the seventh week. Dallas was 12-2 during the regular season. Despite being sacked four times for 26 yards in losses, Bart Starr burned the Dallas secondary. He completed 17 of 25 passes for 260 yards and four touchdowns. Donnie Anderson caught six passes for 84 yards. Marv Fleming caught two touchdown passes. Boyd Dowler and Carroll Dale also had big nights. On defense, Dave Robinson, Tom Brown, and Bob Jeter each had one pass interception.

Dallas. Don Meredith completed only 13 of 30 passes for two touchdowns and 219 yards. Don Perkins led all runners with 81 yards on 18 carries. Had he not been bald, Tom Landry would have pulled his hair out. Their 12-2 record was three games better than their 9-5 season in 1967. Take a look at this.

1967-9-5 record; during the season at Cleveland defeated the Browns 21 to 14; Eastern Conference Playoff at Dallas defeated the Browns again in 52 to 14 runaway; lost in NFC Championship to the Packers 21 to 17.

1968-12-2 record a three game improvement over the previous year; during the season at home defeated the Cleveland Browns 28-7. Cleveland finished at 10-4, two games under Dallas; yet Dallas at Cleveland lost to the Browns 31 to 20 in the Eastern Conference playoff. Three games better than 1967 yet did not even reach the NFL Championship Game.