Dallas Cowboys-Hope History Repeats

Since 2006, Dallas has played well but tailed off at year end.

2006. Cowboys were 9-5 after 14 games; then lost to Philadelphia 23 to 7 and to Detroit 39 to 31, with both games at home. Loss to Seattle 21 to 20 in Wild Card. Tony Romo misfired holding the ball on a field goal attempt on the game’s last play.

2007. After 13 games had 12-1 record. Lost to Eagles at home on week 14 10 to 6. Lost final game at Washington 27 to 6 with coasting policy in effect. Lost at home 21 to 17 to the Giants in the playoffs. They had defeated the New York Giants easily in both regular season games.

2008. After 12 games were 8-4. Lost three of the last four games including the memorable 44 to 6 loss to Philadelphia on the final game. Finished 9-7.

2011. After 11 games were 7-4. Lost four of last five to finish 8-8. Lost to the Eagles at home 20 to 7. Lost last game at New York 31 to 14.

2012. At mid-point were 3-5. Won five of next six games. Lost last two games to New Orleans 34 to 31 and to Redskins 28 to 18. Finished 8-8.

2013. With two games left were 7-5. Lost three of the last four including the 24 to 22 game to the Eagles. For the third straight year finished 8-8


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