The Real Christmas

What angers me is the depiction of the Three Wise Men at the stable. People say they brought the gifts to show their love for the child Jesus. That is the worst twisting of the bible ever. The public gives gifts at Xmas in the same tradition. Baloney.

The Wise Men came two years later. They told Herod of their mission to visit the new King. Very frightened, Herod was afraid this baby king would take over his reign. He told the Wise Men to tell him who this was so that he could worship the child as well. The Wise Men most likely saw the Holy Family in Nazareth in their own house. They gave the three gifts of Gold, Frankincense, and Mir to the Holy Family. Warned in a dream of Herod’s intentions, the Wise Men left without telling him.

Finally realizing the deceit, Herod ordered his henchmen to kill all babies under two. Now a dream came to Joseph warning him of Herod’s intentions. Joseph realized he had to get out of Dodge. The Holy Family made the famous flight into Egypt. Those gifts supported the trek to Egypt and helped them live in that hostile environment. When Joseph heard of Herod’s death, he returned to Nazareth.

The real Xmas spirit is helping those who are frightened, desperate, or sick. We would be allot better off remembering this rather than spoiling kids with gifts, stuffing ourselves with food and drink, and making excess profits for stores. And by the way, which of us does not feel frightened, desperate, or sick at various times in our lives.


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