Jefferson Hotel-Washington DC

The above hotel is on 16th and M Street just north of the complex of office and hotel building closers to the White House. The Jefferson has no where near the crowds that always seem to be around the Hay-Adams, the Regis Sheraton, and the Statler Hilton. Nevertheless, many people prefer the Jefferson Hotel in part because of its location. It had distinctly southern décor. Pictures of plantations, dogs, and authentic English saddles give atmosphere to the hotel. The service, as I remember, was excellent.

Over the years I saw John Tower, Linda Evans, and John Connelly either walking in the lobby or having dinner. The unwritten rule was that you had to be a VIP or know someone just to get a room at the Jefferson. People staying at this hotel were here to avoid publicity. That of course did not apply to customers just wanting cocktails or dinner. The really was nothing unusual about dining here but everything starting with the appetizer was delicious.

There have been numerous renovation over the years. However, the atrium in the lobby has stayed the same. It provides some light and a sense of spaciousness to a small lobby. Having dinner at the Jefferson Hotel will be a memorable experience.


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