Last Biggest Eagles Shake Up

It has been 41 years since the Philadelphia Eagles experienced an off season like this one.  Jerry Wolman fired Nick Sckorich after the 1963 season  and hired Joe Kuharick.   His tenure in Philadelphia was not good.  Wolman fired  Kuharick  after the 2-12 season in 1968.   Kurarick did coach the Eagles to a 9-5 in season in 1966. This was the only winning season  for Philadelphia from 1962 to 1977; 16 years.

Here were the changes as I recall:

–traded Sonny Jurgensen to the Washington Redskins for Norm Snead.   Both quarterbacks were similar.  Jurgensen , however, was more colorful and most Eagle fans did not like this deal;

–Somehow the Eagles got Ollie Matson from the Detroit Lions.  Joe Kuharick  coached this future Hall of Famer at the University of San Francisco.

–Traded Tommy MacDonald to the Dallas Cowboys for Kicker Sam Baker.  Fans loved MacDonald and  fans even more angry than with the Jurgensen/Snead trade.

–Traded Place Kicker Mike Clark to the Pittsburgh Steelers for George Tarasovic.    Getting Sam Baker made Clark expendable.

–Traded running back Clarence Peaks and linebacker Bob Harrison to the Pittsburgh Steelers for Defensive Back Glen Glass and Bill “Red” Mack.  Mack was a good pass receiver and Kucharick was his coach at Notre Dame.  In 1964 at Pittsburgh,  Clarence Peaks  had  his finest overall season.