Victory Over the Jets-2015 24 to 17

The defense did well yesterday  considering that the offense disappeared in the 2nd half.   There is allot of things that the Eagles need to look at.

In the days of Cunningham and McNabb,  the win would have been route.  The receivers  and Sam Bradford are not getting the job done.  Bradford  overthrew or had balls wind  up in the dirt all day long.   The Jets’ quarterback  had too much  time to throw the football.   I was surprised that they only scored 17 points; but let’s be fair to the defense.  Had the offense done better  throwing and catching, the pass rush would have been much more consistent.

In 09 the Eagles had a great six game winning streak.  In three  games, there were many mistakes mostly on defense.   The usual complaints involved muffed pass interceptions, unsure tackling,  and no pass rush.  I pointed out then, and do now, that they had to improve the  defense to get past the first game in the playoffs

Unfortunately,  I was correct. That statement came after 15 games with the Eagles going to Dallas for the final game of the regular season.  The results:

Final Game at Dallas.  Philadelphia was 11-4  matched against the 10-5 Cowboys.  A win here would have given the Eagles both the BYE and the home field advantage.   Dallas won easily with a 24 to 0 shut out.  That meant Philadelphia would go on successive weeks to Dallas.

Wild Card Week.  Dallas again won 34 to 14.




Warren Rudman and David Souder

Supreme Court Justice William Brennan retired and the Senate approved David Souder to the Court. A very human story.

The most rewarding accomplishment for Warren Rudman in the Senate was the confirmation  of his friend David Souder to the United States Supreme Court.  In addition to Rudman,   President Bush designated Souder for the Supreme Court  based on suggestions from John Sununu, one time Governor of New Hampshire.  Sununu was much to the right of Senator Rudman and still a force in New Hampshire politics.   Rudman and his friend David Souder made an appointment to see President Bush.  The President was impressed  with David’s modesty intelligence and the sense of duty and he was shrewed enough to anticipate that the Senate and the nation would be impressed by those qulaties too. When Judge William Brennan retired,  President Bush nominated Souder for the court within 72 hours.  For once, Bush showed an ability to make a quick decision;  and his judgment could not have been better.

Nevertheless, there were some hurdles to jump.   Those super market tabloids can be vicious.  Their articles are not well researched and often just plain lies.   David Souder was a life long bachelor and this raised questions about his sexual preference.   Actually, Souder dated many women and some  relationships were  deep and serious.   His passionate feelings were reading, climbing New Hampshire’s White Mountains, and listening to classical music. A good Saturday night activity would be a drive to Boston to hear the Orchestra and a visit to some Antiquarian Book store.

Reading gave Souder  hours of happiness as he soaked up novels, philosophy, and history and applied it to every day situations.  He had the unique ability to fuse different  academic subjects.  Souder was as close to a Renaissance man as you will find.  He valued his time alone but he was not a hermit as these foolish articles seemed to imply.  The stories pained Souder but he is one of the toughest person you’ll ever meet.

For one month Senator Rudman and Tom Rath, New Hampshire Attorney General, grilled Souder  with a wide range of questions.  Both of them sat in the first row behind  Souder during the hearings.   As it turned out, these question were more difficult than those from the Senate Judiciary Committee six weeks later.  Souder told both of them to discuss  judicial  philosophy  but would not comment on specific issues.   He did not want to tie himself to a decision based on what he said.

This was never more true than with abortion.   Noone knew where Souder stood on the issue.   Abortion is not something that is either a yes or no decision.   There are many variables  to consider; and some of these variables break down into what I call sub-variables for want of a better word.  People could go on for a year  on abortion and be more confused that when they started.   Since  Souder  had no public record on abortion,  he could legitimately claim that he would approach the issue with an open mind.   Souder, both as a judge and teacher, had helped many couples and women.  He did not tell the Committee what his decisions were except that  each  one was different.  This was obviously the right approach.

However, Souder won the nomination with two conclusion.  Souder was just being Souder.  He was a real winner when he said two ideas:

–The Supreme Court had better get it right because  “…at the end of our task some human being is going to be affected..”  

-With regard to discrimination Souder said this …their is nothing  which in my judgment is more tragic or more demanding  of the efforts of every American  in the Congress  and out of the Congress than the removal of societal discrimination  in the matters of race and invidious discrimination which we are unfortunately too familiar with.  I hope when these hearings are over, will be taken as a given with respect and to my set of values.

The last noticeable comment with race concerned his two friends who were seated being him.  Tom Rath’s Mother and Father many times dealt with signs saying Irish Need Not Apply.  Warren Rudman in early years felt horrible discrimination because he was Jewish.  So Souder stated that his two friend indicated how he felt about racial discrimination. The Senate confirmed Dave Souder by a 90 to 9 voted.  In short time  all nine opposing Souder’s nomination indicated they were wrong.

In 1992 the Supreme Court voted to affirm Roe vs. Wade in the Case of Casey vs Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania.  The combined efforts of the Reagen and Bush Administration and the Religious Right  to overthrow Roe had been defeated but there are no final victories.







The Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Deficit Reduction Act

Of all Rudman’s efforts in the Senate,  deficit reduction this to him was the most important  and the most frustrating.   Three Senators  Warren Rudman, Republican from New Hampshire,  Phil Gramm Republican of Texas, and Earnest Hollings, Democrat from South Carolina sponsored a bill which now went to the Oval office.  Getting this bill through Congress was very difficult.  Rudman got much more support from Democrats than from his own party.

Now on January of 1985 Gramm and Rudman were driving on a cold day to the White House.  Hollings was a sincere deficit  hawk but had other commitments.  The bitter cold and wind turned out be a premonition of this meeting.  On the drive Warren Rudman  saw the homeless  and felt personally responsible.   How much of  this human suffering stemmed  from his approval of Reagenomics four years earlier.

On entering the room, Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger told Rudman that his bill would bring joy to to the leadership in the Soviet Union.   Then he  used that  old and silly routine about dancing in streets of  Moscow  from Gramm Rudman and Hollings.  Quickly,   Rudman  replied that the real joy to the Communists or any nation that wishes us  ill  is America falling into a debt abyss wish results in a reduced standard  of living for every one. That aside Gramm-Rudman Hollings by itself never cut a cut a dime from anyone.  It merely  stated that  there should be gradual sequestration of tax increases  and spending cuts  hopefully leading to a balanced budget  some time in the  future; and of course increasing taxes to pay for these programs threatens  their existence.

Any now it was time for Ronald Reagen to enter the room.  He did to a range of applause from mild to hysterical.   Reagen in his charming manner talked about his days in Hollywood.   Then came more small talk and the President went on with his patriotic platitudes, the need for economy in government, and our need to be strong in today’s world.  Reagen said that  Phil’s and Warren’s efforts  will help  get the deficit under control.  After this statement, he signed the Deficit Reduction Bill, Gramm-Rudman- Hollings.

The President did not sign the bill in the middle of the night but he might as well have.  These were numerous tests to the bill in the days ahead.  It was obvious that the President hoped  the courts would strike the new law down.  The President was only concerned about was getting more tax cuts and defense spending. through Congress.

Warren left the White House very discouraged after all the hard work..  Good old Phil Gramm was all smiles and told  Rudman what  wonderful man the President was.  It did not seem to bother Gramm that the President only casually mention their bill.  Gramm told Rudman  that you do not go the White House for a root canal.   Maybe they should have.

Phil Gramm  was about as serious as the President went it came to deficit reduction. Today we all paying the price.  Rudman should have chosen somebody else as co-sponsor.