Victory Over the Jets-2015 24 to 17

The defense did well yesterday  considering that the offense disappeared in the 2nd half.   There is allot of things that the Eagles need to look at.

In the days of Cunningham and McNabb,  the win would have been route.  The receivers  and Sam Bradford are not getting the job done.  Bradford  overthrew or had balls wind  up in the dirt all day long.   The Jets’ quarterback  had too much  time to throw the football.   I was surprised that they only scored 17 points; but let’s be fair to the defense.  Had the offense done better  throwing and catching, the pass rush would have been much more consistent.

In 09 the Eagles had a great six game winning streak.  In three  games, there were many mistakes mostly on defense.   The usual complaints involved muffed pass interceptions, unsure tackling,  and no pass rush.  I pointed out then, and do now, that they had to improve the  defense to get past the first game in the playoffs

Unfortunately,  I was correct. That statement came after 15 games with the Eagles going to Dallas for the final game of the regular season.  The results:

Final Game at Dallas.  Philadelphia was 11-4  matched against the 10-5 Cowboys.  A win here would have given the Eagles both the BYE and the home field advantage.   Dallas won easily with a 24 to 0 shut out.  That meant Philadelphia would go on successive weeks to Dallas.

Wild Card Week.  Dallas again won 34 to 14.




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