Defeating New York 27 to 7

This was a real upbeat win over the Giants.  I could use a steady diet of this over the next 1o weeks.  Interceptions posed a problem preventing the victory from being a complete blowout.  Take away Bradford’s three interceptions and Philadelphia would scored maybe 40 points.  The Eagles missed a chance for what I have talked about before-resting the regulars, given valuable experience to the reserves, and sparing my nerves earlier. The lesson learned was obvious; Sam Bradford throws too many interceptions.  If they continue,  Philadelphia will not win many games.

Eagles Defeat New Orleans Saints 39 to 17

This victory on Sunday showed how turnovers, sacks, and penalties are the keys to winning.  Other factors virtually feed into them.  Eagles got five sacks for 43 yards in losses;  forced three fumbles, and Walter Thurmond intercepted a pass and returned it 44 yards.   New Orleans had seven penalties for 78 yards.

There are some areas that need some attention.  Sam threw two interceptions in the first half in the Saints End Zone. Two really good drives resulted in two touchbacks.  The frustration of not getting a score after long drives is hard two overcome.  Had the Eagles scored touchdowns,  they could have given  Sam Bradford a rest and Mark Sanchez  some much needed playing time.  With the pass rush Bradford is facing,  an injury is a real threat.  It might even be season ending. 

In addition, there was Josh Huff doing a mid-air spin while scoring a touchdown.  No Saint was even near him and he could have been hurt.  I hope Coach Kelley goes one on one with him during the week.