Losing Big to the Cardinals

The loss to the Cardinals was bad but the losses to Atlanta, Washington and Miami hurt much more.  Our people on the Eagles page and other announcers tried to analyze the game.  It all boiled down to a much better team defeated the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night.

For many years, I have been saying that making the playoffs at 8-8 would hold little interest  and I would not get  excited about it.  Yeah sure, Leonard is a big hypocrite.   I can assure you that I will be glued to the TV set  hoping the Eagles get in the playoffs on Saturday night.   For the next two weeks, I would like to see a rerun of the games with New York Giants and the New Orleans Saints.   An effort like the game with the Patriots would mean an easy victory.



Defeating the Buffalo Bills 23 to 20

A real exciting game with the teams fairly even.   Here were two sore spots.

–The defensive line did get pressure on the quarterback causing hurries, two blocked passes at the line of scrimmage, and holding penalties.   Even so, there was only one sack.  The Eagles appeared to get close several times but not the lasting surge required for a loss of yardage.  

–On the last drive for a field goal there was a dropped pass from Bradford at the 10 yard line.    At the very least, a first down would have given Philadelphia four more plays to  burn some time off the clock.  A touchdown was also possible.  We cannot leave points escape in the final three games.