Election Results of 1948-Tensions Build

REPUBLICAN Governor Thomas E. Dewey of New York  won the nomination for President  as he did in 1944.   Dewey won over Harold Stassen, Arthur Vandenberg,  and Robert A. Taft.   From 1940, 1944, and 1948, the candidate from the Eastern Liberal Establishment defeated the Western Conservatives.  In 1944 Republicans picked for Vice President Governor John Bricker of Ohio  for sectional balance.  In 1948,   Republican picked Governor Earl Warren of California for Vice President.   Republicans could go no further west than the Golden State. (the vertical line that generally divides Republicans was the border  of Ohio and Pennsylvania.)

DEMOCRATIC.   The party was really messed up from a number of developments.    President Harry Truman got the nomination almost by default.  This was only election where a political party could  deny the nomination to a sitting President.  General Dwight Eisenhower,  by a huge majority, was the choice of  the Democratic Party leaders for  President.

General Eisenhower was the military idol of the nation.  His credentials we all know-Commander of the European allies in World War II ; President of Columbia University; and the Head man in NATO.  Even so,  the General felt he needed time to bone up in various academic areas.

This election had three developments,  all of which   which lead to the election  of  Harry Truman.   Truman and other key Democrats nominated Senator Alben Barkeley of Kentucky for Vice President.




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