Fishy 1966 NFL Championship Game

For the first time the Championship Game of both leagues did not end the season.  1966 was the first year of the Super Bowl.   The NFL  Title Game had the Dallas Cowboys  from  Eastern Conference , with a 10-3-1 record, playing the Green Bay Packers from the Western Conference, with a 12-2 record.   The game was at Dallas.

I do not want to replicate what is on the Internet.  This is just a quick summary.

–Dallas fell behind 14 to 0 without even running a play.    The Packers scored a touchdown on the game’s first series. On the ensuing kickoff, Mel Renfro fumbled, Jim Grabowski recovered, and went  for a touchdown.

–Bart Starr, passing  for 304 yards and four touchdowns,  almost destroyed the Cowboy secondary.  The Cowboys had the better ground game with 187 yards to only 102 yards for Green Bay.  Running back Don Perkins alone ran for 108 yards.

–Keeping Dallas in the game -five sacks on Bart Starr and two field goals by Danny Villanueva.

–Dallas came back from 14 to 0 to a 14 to 14 tie and from trailing 21 to 14 to 21 to 20.

–Leading by only 21 to 20, Bart Starr capped two drives with touchdown passes.  After the second touchdown, Don Chandler missed an extra point.  I felt the game was over with Green Bay leading 34 to 20.

About the only thing Green Bay did wrong, at least on offense, was missing that extra  point.  Two touchdowns would tie the game.   On the second play after the kickoff,  Don Meredith threw to Frank Clarke for 67 yards and a touchdown.   Just under three minutes remained in the game.  The fans were crazy and loud.

After the kickoff to Green Bay,  Dallas put on  furious defensive series.   The Cowboys stopped a runner for no gain and twice sacked Bart Starr.   Fans were going ballistic.   It was fourth down and half a mile when the Packers punted.  Don Meredith passed for steady gains.   The Cowboys moved  down to the Packer two.

At that point,  Dallas went off side pushing the line of scrimmage age to the seven.   On a rare show of emotion, Tom Landry  breathed deep, closed his eyes, and looked at the ground.   The Packers Tom Brown intercepted  Don Meredith in the end zone but it was fourth down anyway.  As a result of the Packers missing the fifth extra point,  CBS could claim that the game was not over until the last play.