The Defenders 1961 to 1965

The Defenders aired on CBS for four seasons from 1961  to 1965.   It was an hour long and on  Saturday night for three years  and on Thursday night for the last year.  There were  132 episodes.  Of these, four were two part installments.   The Madman and the Six Hundred Year Old Gang were in two parts each.  The Madman was excellent and the Six Gang was very silly and not worth your time.                                                                                   

After years of waiting, the Defenders TV DVD is now available at least for the first season.   The vendor is the Shout Factory.   About 30 stories have been available from various internet sources covering all years. I supposed these were pirated being a copy from a copy from a copy.   As might be expected,  the quality of these films is below par.  There is some overlap with stories already purchased.  However, the quality of film issue  makes the Shout Factory release worthwhile.   Let’s talk about the Defenders later.