At Home Versus Atlanta and Minnesota-1985

There I was sitting at the Eagles 10 yard line second level. With eight minutes to go and in the lead 17 to 0,  I felt good looking for a shut out. Nothing feels as good as completely slamming the door on your opponent. Then I started to see the whole thing coming apart. The Falcons were methodical putting up 14 points. On the third drive the Eagles barely stopped the Falcons. On fourth down and two, I was relieved that the Falcons were trying for the field goal. The way the Eagles were diving,  I wasn’t sure that they could stop Atlanta on fourth down.

So now the Eagles were tied at 17. On the first series after the kickoff, a defender hit JAWS and the Falcons intercepted. Surprise. The Eagles did not allow a first down. Mick Luckhurst was attempting a second FG in the span of about three minutes. This one was from 43 yards,  20 yards further than the previous. He missed wide left and not by much. The Eagles missed the a land mine for the second time. In overtime, the Falcons punter put the ball at the Eagle one. I felt Ron would throw an interception and the Falcons would return the ball for a touchdown. This was what happened at the Vet in the overtime loss to the Giants six weeks earlier. But the Eagles won as we all know

Also remember that the Eagles at that point had won 5 of the last 6. Their record now stood at 6-5 and with confidence that they would make the playoffs. However, Philadelphia lost four in a row and their coach after the fourth loss. Ironically one of those four duds had the Eagles again blowing a big lead in the fourth quarter at home to the Minnesota Vikings.

With 7 minutes to go in the fourth, the Eagles were leading 23 to 0. I saw a win and a shut out in the picture which faded. The Vikings put up four touchdowns in those 7 minutes and Eagles lost 28 to 23. Once again there was a flip. The week before the final game the Eagles fired Coach Marion Campbell. The FO named Fred Bruney for a one game trial. Somehow I guess from a fluke in the schedule, the Eagles had two games with the Vikings. Paul MacFadden kicked his third field goal. The Eagles defeated the boys from Minnesota 37 to 35 to break the four game slide.



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