Slow Starts, Late Wins 2006-2011 Why?


2006-After 11 games, the Eagles were 5-6;  counting playoffs the Eagles then won six in a row;  defeated the New York Giants twice in a four game span;  lost to the New Orleans Saints 27 to 24 in the second round of the playoffs;  lost earlier in the season to the Saints by the same score.

2007-Floundering through 13 games with a record of 5-8;  the team should have won five of the eight but simply could not turn the page for a happy ending;  Eagles won their final three games to reach .500; the first of these three was a 10 to 6 win over the Cowboys at Texas Stadium;  with Dallas winning 13 games,  this was no small feat.

2008-What Eagle fan forget this  sensational comeback winning six of seven after going 5-5-1 ?  This included two wins over the New York Giants, 20 to 14 and 23 to 11, with both games at the Meadow Lands.  The loss to the Cardinals in the NFC Title Game 32 to 25 was to me the  biggest disappointment  in over 60 years of rooting for Philadelphia.

2009-In Week 9, the Eagles  gave away a 20 to 16 game to the Dallas Cowboys in Philadelphia.  After that the Eagles won six in a row.  In three of these games,  the team was passing up scoring opportunities, muffing pass interceptions,  and not always making third down stops.  They were close rather than easy wins.  Before playing at Dallas in the final game, I had doubts about how good the team  really was.

Dallas white washed the Eagles 24 to 0.  Instead of a BYE and the home field advantage, the Eagles went to Dallas on the Wild Card Week.  Playing in Dallas on successive weeks is cruel and unusual punishment.  Cowboys won 34 to 14. 

2011-After  12 weeks, the Philadelphia Eagles were 4-8. They caught fire and won their last four games by  comfortable margins.The biggest win was a 20 to 7 affair with at the Dallas Cowboys.

A  footnote- the Eagles won both games with the Dallas Cowboys.  They came very near a double shut out.   In Philadelphia  the Eagles were leading 34 to 0 with about four minutes left in the game.  Tony Romo threw a 56 yard touchdown pass to Laurent Robertson bringing the score to 34 to 7.  In Dallas it looked like a sure shout out.   The Eagles were leading 20 to 0 with only 25 seconds left.   Our guys  were  punting from their own goal line.  After Russ Carter blocked a punt,  Stephen McGee threw a four yard touchdown pass to Miles Austin.    Final again Eagles 20 Dallas 7.

Here were the four games.

@ Miami won 26 to 10;

@ home defeated the New York Jets 45 to 19;

@ Dallas won 20 to 7;

@ home  defeated the Washington Redskins 34 to 10.      



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