1961 Eagles Got No Help from the Cleveland Browns

If anyone tells you I said this I will deny it.   Cleveland was the most hated team for rooters of both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles.  The rivalry between the New York Giants and the Browns attracted the most attention for many fans.  At one point, the Giants won six in a row.  Three in 1958 which counts the playoffs;  two in 1959;  and the first game in 1960.

On the last weekend of the 1961 season,  I was hoping that the Cleveland Browns would defeat the New York Giants.  Around mid-season, the Giants defeated the Browns at Cleveland 37 to 21.  The Eagles were 9-4 and the Giants 10-3 after 13 games.  After a 7-1 start,  the Eagles lost three of five.  The Giants defeated us twice with Y.A Tittle torching the Eagles secondary,  38 to 21 at Yankee Stadium and 28 to 24 at Franklin Field .   The Eagles at Cleveland-Jimmy Brown set an NFL record rushing for 245 yards with four touchdowns.  Milt Plum completed 16 of 21 passes for 246 yards and a touchdown.  Cleveland put up 505 yards defeating the Eagles 45 to 24.

Week 14.  The only hope for the Eagles was winning  at Detroit and the Giants losing  at Yankee Stadium versus the Browns.  This would set up an Eastern Conference Playoff  the following week between New York and Philadelphia.  Since the Giants defeated the Eagles twice during the season, the game would be at Yankee Stadium. More Later.





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