1994 Philadelphia at San Francisco: Eagles won 40 to 8

Week Five.  Philadelphia at San Francisco.  This game was a turning point for both teams.   After going 7-2,   Philadelphia lost the remaining seven games finishing at 7-9.  There was never vertical  drop like this in Eagle history.  Meanwhile,  San Francisco  won of all remaining games except for a meaningless  loss on the final week.  They defeated the San Diego Chargers in the Super Bowl 40 to 26.

For this game, however, the Philadelphia Eagles  were splendid.  There is something special in winning against the eventual Super Bowl winner.  Both clubs came in at 3-2.

Randall Cunningham went 20 for 29 for 246 yards and three touchdowns.  Charlie Garner carried 16 times for 111 yards.  Both Eric Allen and Andy Harmon recorded a pass interception.  William Fuller tackled Steve Young in his End Zone for a safety.




Cardinals In Town-Past Frustration

Both of these games were at Veterans Stadium against the Arizona Cardinals.

1999-Andy Reid’s first game as the Eagle coach was  frustrating  since Philadelphia blew a 21 to 0 lead at  the end of the first quarter.  After that, the facts of life set in.  It really seemed as if the Eagles, minus Duce Staley, took the rest of the game off.  Too bad as well; because the Duce carried 21 times for 111 yards and one touchdown. The Cardinals won 25 to 24.

2001- When you look at Andy Read’s time in Philadelphia, it should break into two parts, from the start until going to the Super Bowl, and then 2005 until 2012.  This loss, 21 to 20 in 2001 to the , was the most critical loss of the first era.  Had the Eagles won, they would have been in a better position in the playoffs.

The Cardinals jumped to a 14 t0 0  lead in the first quarter.  Kyle Varden returned a fumble deep in Eagles territory for a touchdown.  After that, Jacke Plummer threw a 34 yard touchdown pass to Joel Mahavicka.  The Eagles fell behind 14 to 0.   They went to work with McNabb throwing two touchdown passes to Todd Pinkston and a field goal.   Eagles 17 Cardinals 14.  The Eagles put on a another drive which stalled on 3rd and one at the Arizona eight yard line.  There just 1:12 left in the game.   The choices here were obvious and Andy Reid opted for the field goal.

Arizona had not moved the ball since the first quarter.   It seemed a good bet that the defense could hold them one more time especially since a field goal was not on the table.  Unfortunately Jack Plummer threw a 35 yard touchdown pass to Mar Tay Jenkins.  Not just one more time.