Brian Westbrook on Home Page

I think of what might have been.  In 2003, the Eagles had to win the final game at Washington to assure the home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  Had they beaten either  San Francisco or Dallas earlier,  the Eagles could have rested their first string and the last game would have been for practice.  As it was Philadelphia defeated the Washington Redskins 31 to 7. Brian Westbrook was hurt in the final game and that ended his season.   Philadelphia  lost in the NFC title game 14 to 3 to the Carolina Panthers.

About a month earlier, also at the Linc also,  the Eagles had defeated the Panthers 25 to 16.  That was with  a healthy Brian Westbrook and all other players in tact.  They also saw Panther players kicker John Kasay, normally excellent,  miss three field goals and an extra point.  We will take victory any way so long as it’s viewed in the proper perspective.

I will never forget that criminal spear on Donovan McNabb who was flat on his back.   The down by contact rule had nothing to do with what happened.  A mere touch on McNabb was all that  was required.  The officials should have ejected this player and the league office fined him.  Rickey Manning was on fire that day with three interceptions.  I think that a healthy Brian Westbrook would have made a difference.


Getting the BYE Week

Thanks for responding. If we get the following this week end the Eagles would clinch a post in the playoffs. There is of course allot more to the playoffs than this
1) Home Field Advantage. Teams like to hear the crowed yelling and cheering on their behalf. How many times have we seen defensive linemen extending their arms straight up and moving them back them back and fourth and back and fourth and back and fourth. All of these shenanigans stop as we see the offensive lineman move to the line of scrimmage.
2) a BYE Week as in 2004; Actually the Eagles had two BYE weeks in that memorable year; they played the reserves giving them valuable playing time; they lost at St.Louis 20 to 7 and at the Linc lost to the Cincinnati Bengals 38 to 10.
Especially In the game at the Linc, it seemed as if the Eagles were conducting a Rummage Sale. This exposed potential sore spots on their roster. More on this later.

Two of the Worst Punts Ever

The team that laid the rotten egg won the game.   The punters, for one play, looked very bad.   Their team eventually won the game so there no immediate damage.   However, the confidence in both kickers and teams took a severe  dive.

Thanksgiving Day 1964.  Chicago Bears at the Detroit Lions.  Thanksgiving Day football in Detroit has been a tradition since 1945.  Green Bay was the visiting team every year until 1964.   Today it was the World Champion Chicago Bears.   Bobby Joe Green, their punter, was the best in the NFL.   Green was the first pure punter in the game.   His great punts made up for his lack of versatility.

Bobby Joe Green played  two years with the Pittsburgh Steelers and 12 years with Chicago.   His booming punts gave his team great field position.   In 1963, the Chicago Bears were NFL Champions.   Their offense was only average; but their defense and  the punting of Bobby Joe  were the real drivers in Chicago’s first place record of 11-2-1.  The Bears were 1/2 game better the second place Green Bay Packers who were 11-2-1.  Both of the Packers losses were to the Bears-10 to 3 opening day and 26 to 7  in November at Wrigley Field.

Bobby Joe Green was dubbed the Rain Maker from his punts that were both high and long.  He played two years with the Pittsburgh Steelers (1960 to 1961) and 12 years with the Chicago Bears.  (1962 to 1973).  His statistics were 970 Punts, for 41, 317 yards, for a 42.6 yard average. His longest punt was 74 yards. 

No doubt his punting style helped his statistics.  Bobby Joe took the snap from center and with great coordination kicked the ball  with his left foot off the ground about a foot.  It was really graceful to see his right foot hit the ball at the high point of his jump with his left foot.   I wondered why he did not teach dancing, ballet,  or acrobatics.  

He had his greatest embarrassment on Thanksgiving Day in 1964.  This brings my narrative to its starting point 53 years ago. Bobby Joe Green took a good pass from center.   Both the offensive and defensive line went downfield.  Green began his jump and kicked the ball downfield,  one yard from the line of scrimmage.   This delighted the  home field  crowd and gave the Lions a touchdown.

I have never seen a one yard punt with no attempt to block it before or since.




Mitch McConnell Nothing Like John Sherman Cooper

This man is the most dangerous person in America. He got started being on the staff of John Sherman Cooper. Cooper, if he was here, would never speak to him. You will recall the Cooper- Church amendment cutting off funding and military operations anywhere but South Vietnam.  Then came the Cooper-Hart bill to stop funding for the ABM. { I hate using trite lines but the ABM was the most useless contraption in history}. JSC did not do any witch hunting but did not speak out against it either.   This was I think because until 1960 he would win special elections but lose the one for a full term.

This was odd and many referred to him as the Eisenhower Republican.  He won elections to fill out terms in 1952 and 1956.  In these two years  Eisenhower defeated Adali Stevenson for President.  Kentucky was one of the nine states that Stevenson carried in 1952 but not the second time. John Sherman  Cooper was among the 37 Senators in early 1966 asking Johnson to continue the bombing pause, started around Xmas 1965, over North Vietnam.

How McConnell got started working for Cooper is a real mystery.   In his book COMBAT,  Warren Rudman, said that “Mitch McConnell is”… tough humorless man and not one to cross.” Even his expression here shows a cold man who looks like demons have a firm grip on him. 

Aside from McConnell, there were two other Senators, Phil Gramm and Jesse Helms, who were basically mean and unlikable.  When Robert Dole left the Senate to run for President  in 1996,  Republicans elected  McConnell as their new leader.    This shows how low the Republican Party has fallen.  Gramm,  Helms, and McConnell look like a combination of Lawrence Welk Jackie Gleason, and Arthur Godfrey.