Getting the BYE Week

Thanks for responding. If we get the following this week end the Eagles would clinch a post in the playoffs. There is of course allot more to the playoffs than this
1) Home Field Advantage. Teams like to hear the crowed yelling and cheering on their behalf. How many times have we seen defensive linemen extending their arms straight up and moving them back them back and fourth and back and fourth and back and fourth. All of these shenanigans stop as we see the offensive lineman move to the line of scrimmage.
2) a BYE Week as in 2004; Actually the Eagles had two BYE weeks in that memorable year; they played the reserves giving them valuable playing time; they lost at St.Louis 20 to 7 and at the Linc lost to the Cincinnati Bengals 38 to 10.
Especially In the game at the Linc, it seemed as if the Eagles were conducting a Rummage Sale. This exposed potential sore spots on their roster. More on this later.

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