Brian Westbrook on Home Page

I think of what might have been.  In 2003, the Eagles had to win the final game at Washington to assure the home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  Had they beaten either  San Francisco or Dallas earlier,  the Eagles could have rested their first string and the last game would have been for practice.  As it was Philadelphia defeated the Washington Redskins 31 to 7. Brian Westbrook was hurt in the final game and that ended his season.   Philadelphia  lost in the NFC title game 14 to 3 to the Carolina Panthers.

About a month earlier, also at the Linc also,  the Eagles had defeated the Panthers 25 to 16.  That was with  a healthy Brian Westbrook and all other players in tact.  They also saw Panther players kicker John Kasay, normally excellent,  miss three field goals and an extra point.  We will take victory any way so long as it’s viewed in the proper perspective.

I will never forget that criminal spear on Donovan McNabb who was flat on his back.   The down by contact rule had nothing to do with what happened.  A mere touch on McNabb was all that  was required.  The officials should have ejected this player and the league office fined him.  Rickey Manning was on fire that day with three interceptions.  I think that a healthy Brian Westbrook would have made a difference.


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