A Few Ideas

One of John F. Kennedy’s few accomplishments was the advertisement for Evelyn Wood’s Reading Dynamics and the handling of the Cuban Missile . Is this a scam or could I, now 70, learn the knack of it now.
I noticed many novels written by Pearl Buck in your library, which was not exactly a big surprise.   I read mostly American novels.   When you are in the setting of a novel and/or the writer is from a familiar  place it enhances your interest and is much easier to understand.
Back in the 60s and to this day,  Democrats are invoking JFK to pass social programs.  In doing so, they are painting a picture of a historical figure that has limited connection to reality.  JFK in his first Senate race in 1952 was clearly to the right of incumbent Henry Cabot Lodge.  Once again,  Kennedy did the same thing in 1960.  Republicans are using the same techniques now with  Ronald Reagan.
Remember the 1960 Campaign:
–the missile gap;
–going to the moon;
–fixation with Castro;  Kennedy said we lost Cuba as if it was ours to lose;
–In action with regard to the Soviet rape with Hungary; what could we really do;
–inflammatory inaugural address;
–raised troops in Vietnam from a few hundred to 17,000;
–and gave us the biggest military peace time buildup in history until RR in 1980;
–took no action on Civil Right until the March on Washington in the summer of 1963.
Now let’s look at this closer
As far as I see it, Kennedy handed the Cuba Missile Crisis  very well.  He installed the hot line between Moscow and Washington to insure communication especially in  crisis moments. JFK presented the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty to the Senate in August of 1963.  President Eisenhower and Minority Leader Everett Dirksen supported the Treaty.  It passed 81 to 19.  For these actions, we do have to be grateful to President.


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