Andy Reid in Kansas City

Andy Reid has now been in Kansas City for five years.  His team has gone on a series of streaks of both wins and losses.  This indicates the Chiefs are playing well over their abilities and then they fall.  I don’t think I have seen anything like this before.

2013.  Won 9 in a row; lost 3 in a row; won two and lost two;  In the final two games the Chiefs were coasting; the games were meaningless.   Headed in the playoffs  Kansas City was 11-5;  They had a big lead 38 to 10 over the Indianapolis Colts in the third quarter;  Suddenly the team collapsed and the Colts won 45 to 44.

2014. Lost the first two games; won 7 of the next 8 for a 7-3 mark; lost 3 in a row; won 2 of 3;  The 9-7 record not good enough for the playoffs.

2015. After winning the first game, lost 5 in a row.  Won 10 in a row to finish 11-5.  Defeated the Houston Texans 30 to 0 in the first playoff game; lost to New England 27 to 20.

2016. Split first four games for a 2-2 mark; won 10 of next 12 for a 12-4 mark; lost to Pittsburgh 18 to 16 in the playoffs.

2017. Won 5 in a row; lost 6 of next 7 bringing record to 6-6;  Won the final four to finish 10-6;   Lost a 21 to 3 lead to the Tennessee Titans losing 22 to 21 in the first game of the playoffs.

Presidential Election 1920 I

In the 1920 Presidential election,  Republican Warren G. Harding defeated Democrat James M. Cox in a landslide. Both nominees were from Ohio.  As I indicated previously, it seemed like Ohio and New York  had a monopoly on Presidential Candidates prior to 1952.

Harding came from the Senate and Cox was the Governor. Harding won with 60% of the popular vote, 404 electoral votes, and 37 states.  Cox had just under 40% of the popular vote, 127 electoral votes, and 11 states.

Back in 1920, voters from the South and Border South voted Democratic no matter who it was.  The vote total for Governor Cox  did not mean he had any appeal in Alabama,  Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi , North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia.  It was a hangover from the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln.   Many in the South still saw him as a tyrant.   Actually Lincoln was advocating generous terms for bringing  the Confederacy back into the Union.  With Lincoln’s death,  his dream for America died as well.

The State of the Union in 1920 was very bad.  Bills from fighting World War I  were coming due  with interest.  This was slowing down investments. Historians and teachers give inadequate attention to Post War Depression of 1919 because of the more serious depression of the thirties.  Up to 1920 it was the most severe economic slowdown in our history.   There were memories 0f Palmer’s raids named after the Wilson’s  Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer.  Democratic  goons, police departments, and Coal and Iron Policeman  harassed German and Irish Americans in organized labor, fraternal societies, and churches.  Inference with mail  made it dangerous to send correspondence especially to other countries.

An ailing President Wilson said the 1920 elections would be  a referendum on American entrance into the League of Nations.  This was unwise because Americans were tired of war and foreign alliances.  Traditionally the voters turn out the party in the White House after a war.   No doubt, Americans were war weary and did not want entrance into League of Nations.  Nevertheless, it was not the all consuming issue, just one of many that hurt the Democrats. In the midterm elections of 1918,  the Republicans took over both Houses.







The Amazing Things About the Eagles

The attitude that Doug Pederson brought was amazing.    He managed to keep the team loose saying playing the game should be fun.  Yet at the same time he was intense.  Pederson connects with his players but was adamant about thing.  Keep all comments respectful.  When players make negative  comments it degrades their victory.  Worse yet, it gives others a rallying point when the Eagles meet them again.  Our team will a real target to defeat.  They will no longer be an underdog.


Jake Elliot is showing  there is more pressure on a short field goal attempt than a long one.  The fans have higher expectations.  We will see how Elliot deals with this pressure.  David Ackers was the longest tenured placekicker for the Philadelphia Eagles.  Our history has so many kickers that looked invincible then rapidly went downhill.  There were players like Paul McFadden, Louis Zendaos, and Tony Franklin.  The pressure just got the better of them.