The Amazing Things About the Eagles

The attitude that Doug Pederson brought was amazing.    He managed to keep the team loose saying playing the game should be fun.  Yet at the same time he was intense.  Pederson connects with his players but was adamant about thing.  Keep all comments respectful.  When players make negative  comments it degrades their victory.  Worse yet, it gives others a rallying point when the Eagles meet them again.  Our team will a real target to defeat.  They will no longer be an underdog.


Jake Elliot is showing  there is more pressure on a short field goal attempt than a long one.  The fans have higher expectations.  We will see how Elliot deals with this pressure.  David Ackers was the longest tenured placekicker for the Philadelphia Eagles.  Our history has so many kickers that looked invincible then rapidly went downhill.  There were players like Paul McFadden, Louis Zendaos, and Tony Franklin.  The pressure just got the better of them.


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