Democratic Convention 1920 San Francisco

Democratic Convention 1920 in San Francisco.

Delegates were divided among William McAdoo, Secretary of the Treasury under Woodrow Wilson, and Al Smith, Governor of New York.

Three other candidates were in the balloting but the Democrats wisely defeated them. Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer was a Right Wing tyrant trashing civil liberties across the country. He made Ed Meese in the Reagan Administration look like a Statesman. Williams Jennings Bryan also was in the balloting but the country was tired of this eloquent bird brain. President Wilson wanted the nomination for a third term but was too sick to continue. He had no business in the White House even during the last two years of his Administration.

Dark Candidate James A Cox, the Governor of Ohio, won the nomination after 8 days days of balloting, threatening, and promising. His running mate was Franklin Roosevelt, the Secretary of the Navy. More on the 1920 election later.


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