Some New Look at 2017

There is almost nothing to complain about in the Eagles Post Season last year.  So I will try to offer something to think about.

Most fans wanted the NFC Title Game over quickly after the two minute warning. Coach Doug Pederson  put Nate Sudfelt in at Quarterback who knelt after getting the snaps from center to end the game.  I will say again that the Eagles missed a chance to give young Sudfelt some needed experience .  No one can accuse the Eagles of running up the score as long as our guys do it using the second or third string.

A few years ago a reporter used the term Pete’s Parody.  This referred to the late Commissioner Pete Rozelle’s efforts to keep the overall talent in teams closer though certainly not equal.  The games would be closer with fans less likely to turn the game off.   There will be more pacing the floors and yelling at the television.  I prefer to win by a big margin.

There are ways to minimize the differences in teams and to make it more difficult for the same teams to get to the Super Bowl and  Conference Title games every year.  This has been in practice for many years.  Nevertheless it has not hampered teams like the New England Patriots and in past years with the Dallas Cowboys, the Denver Broncos, and the San Francisco 49ers

1} The draft from college players has the worst team picking first and Super Bowl winner last.

2} Teams from one division in one conference play the same team from one division the other conference.  I think you will find an example shows this better than an explanation.  e.g. Last year everyone in the NFC East played one game against teams from the AFC West. Each team has 4 games here.  This does not favor a mediocre team over a good or great team.

3} Each team has two games against teams within their division.  Each team has 6 games here. This does not favor a mediocre team over a good or great team.

4} This is the clincher and is difficult to calculate.  The worst teams play each other and the best teams play each other.  Each team has 6 games.   This favors a mediocre team over a good or great team.

Here is the issue.  With parity there is almost no chance to play the reserves in any consistent way.   We all remember the Miracle of the Meadowlands in 2010.  With seven minutes remaining Philadelphia was behind New York Giants 31 to 10.  Fans were looking for the Giants to pull the first string but the Eagles scored four touchdowns to win 38 to 31.  Coaches will remember this game just like the Herman Edwards fumble return

Coaches should pull the first string when it is almost impossible to lose; and let the second team try to move the ball and score.  Make the most of any opportunity that will pay off in the future.




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