Eagles at Tampa Bay 2012

Six years ago the Eagles came to Tampa to face the Buccaneers.   It was obvious and inspiring  that a tremendous number of  Eagle fans attended the game.  From the cheers,  it was hard to believe this was a road game.  All this support for a team that lost eight consecutive games. The promising 3-1 start had turned into a nightmare.  All but the first two games in this awful streak , against  Pittsburgh and Detroit, were lopsided.

The Eagles got off to a 10 to 0 lead.  Jason Avant had two great catches making him look more like an outfielder than a wide receiver.   Then things began to fall apart with a fumbled punt return at the Eagles 10,  two missed field goals, and some holes in the secondary.   With four  minutes to play the Eagles trailed the Bucs 21 to 10.

The offense returned and Nick Foles threw two touchdown passes capping drives of about the same length, 60 yards.  The first was to Clay Harbor just in front of the End Line.  The two point conversion failed with Foles throwing just in front of Dione Lewis.  The second drive took them to the Tampa two yard line where Foles spiked the ball with two seconds on the clock.  NK then connected with Jeremy Maclin.  Maclin was so excited that he and a few others just ran to the 50 yard line to let off tension.

Andy Reid was happy to have this break in the late season gloom.  He expressed pride on the ability of Nick Foles to win in a come-from-behind mode.  Reid said that the Eagle fans in the crowd were awesome.  Like I said, he felt like he was at Lincoln Financial Field.  Like many victories in the Reid era this win should have been easier; but we were happy to have it. Philadelphia 23 Tampa Bay 21.


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