Three 9-7 Teams in Super Bowl***Los Angeles Rams 1979

With the Eagles currently floundering,  a look at three teams that went to the Super Bowl with 9-7 seasons gives me some hope

Los Angeles Rams  1979

In the six year period from 1973 to 1978, the Rams had three 10 win seasons and three 12 win seasons.  In the playoffs, either the Dallas Cowboys or the Minnesota Vikings kept them short of the Super Bowl.  Often they had defeated these teams during the season.  After 11 games in 1979,  Los Angeles was 5-6.  They had a three game losing streak.  It looked like their chance for  the playoffs were gone and coach Ray Malavasi would be elsewhere  in 1980.

Yet in the 12 week they began a four game winning streak.  So mediocre was that the NFC West that Rams’ final game was a meaningless loss;  or as I call it an exhibition game during the season.   All of the games I refer to below,  both Regular and Post Season,  were away games for the Rams.

First Round at  Dallas.  The Cowboys were 11-5 for the season which included a 30 to 6 victory over the Rams.  As might be expected,  the Cowboys were heavily favored.   However, the Rams stayed close and won with a late touchdown pass, Vince Ferragamo to Billy Waddy.  The last week of the regular season saw Roger Staubach’s last miracle. He threw two touchdown passes in the last five minutes  to defeat the Washington Redskins 35 to 34.   Perhaps the Dallas Cowboys had an emotional letdown.  Final Rams 21 Cowboys 19

NFC Championship Game at Tampa .




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