2018 What Went Wrong

The rash of injuries that hit the Eagles in 2017  would not occur again in 2018 or so I told myself.  The Eagles stood a good chance of going to the Super Bowl.  There is little sense of history associated with a team  that just wins once.   The Eagles in all four championship years, 1960, 1980, 2004, and now 2018, fell off sharply the following year; and of course it was a long time before they were in the NFL Championship Game again.

Last year Philadelphia was able to overcome the injuries that hit the team; not so in 2018. Jay Ajayi was only active for a few games and is out for the season.   LaGarette Blount, lost in free agency,  was a great running back.  Jason Peters should probably retire and the list goes on.  The Eagles also lost two coaches with Frank Reich and John DeFilippo.  The Front Office is not offering players enough money to stay in Philadelphia.

This is a business and the bottom line is profit.  Eagles’ fans,  the most passionate in the NFL,  deserve a Championship for more than one consecutive year.





is out for the season.